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I'm starting a blog

Posted on:Oct 30, 2023

Hey! I’m Ryan Slama and I’m a senior software engineer on Slack’s Product Security Foundations team. My main goal with this blog is to inspire myself to attempt more unique projects. Having a place to share the stories of struggles and successes will serve as motivation when I’m running out of steam part of the way though.

Other engineering blogs have changed my life for the better, from sparking new interests to changing how I shop for lights. I’d be thrilled if I can provide a fraction of the value that I’ve received. There’s so many great engineering blogs that I feel a bit inadequate to have my own, but that’s another part of why I’m making it. My goal is to lean into the discomfort and impostor syndrome. I hold the engineers behind those blogs in high esteem because I’ve been able to learn about their projects and hobbies.

I built this iteration of the site with Astro and AstroPaper.

This blog and I are both works in progress. It may take a few iterations to find my stride, but hopefully this is the beginning of my next great adventure.